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Clock repair instruction

Possibility of clock repair instruction.

The clock repair industry in the UK has now almost disappeared, this does not include 'Botchers' - they are plentiful! People with the desire and interest are also plentiful but have nowhere to go that guarantees they will be taught to a professional level in a reasonable period of time, there are so-called college courses but amazingly, all the tutors seem to have been unable to operate professional clock repair businesses themselves!

Being a Master Clockmaker (having been formally indentured with an Apprentice), Mr. Taylor has always been happy to teach and is considering giving instructional classes on basic clock repair. He has always been of the opinion that if someone is going to do it then teach them how to do it correctly. He is disappointed at the poor standard of instruction at the various colleges and only recently advised someone who had completed a two year residential course on clock restoration to "Ask for their money back"! That person had paid almost twenty thousand pounds for a course that had apparently not even taught him the very basics. What they had done was to take his life's savings off him and place him on a course that had not only taught him very little but also given him the wrong impression about Clock repair and restoration - leaving him with little chance of earning a successful living at it. The biggest mistake was to run a course on clock RESTORATION for people with no prior knowledge of clock REPAIR! - Pretty obvious to most people.

Mark has a wealth of knowledge and is an experienced tutor in this field. He is constantly told that his methods, demonstrations and explanations aren't taught anywhere else. He teaches pupils to "Think in a different way" and maintains that the most important factor required is pure 'common sense' followed by the strict adhesion to one simple sentence (which he only recites to his students). Study is also imperative.

Unfortunately, room to teach on the Clockshop premises is no longer a viable option however, it may be possible for students to call in on Saturdays for their work to be assessed and advice given by Mark. This would incur a reasonable fee and advice by email could also be offered. We would welcome your thoughts on this.

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