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Mahogany verge escapement bracket or table clock in a small and rare case. By Stephen Rimbault of London. Circa 1760.

This is a very small and delightful clock by an eminent maker.

Stock No. 14244

The eight day duration, double fusee movement with five knopped pillars, original verge escapement, datework, strike/silent, pull repeat and profusely hand-engraved backplate and back cock apron with English floral scroll work. Also, rack striking the hours on a well-pitched bell.

Behind a five inch wide brass break-arch dial with floral fan corner spandrels and 'Punch' arch spandrels. The silvered chapter ring having Roman numerals within the minute ring and outer Arabic fives whilst the subsidiary arch chapter shows 'Strike' and 'Silent' within patterning. Both surrounding finely matted centres the main of which has a curved and chamfered 'false bob' aperture with an engraved and silvered backing and star patterned bob. Also, a square chamfered calendar date aperture above the numeral VI. Below the winding holes is the curved and shaped silvered maker's plaque bearing "Step.n Rimbault. London". The blued steel hands being typical of the period.

Contained in a very small, well-proportioned inverted bell-top mahogany case of good and original colour (often described as 'plum pudding'). Having a brass swinging bow handle to the top and also four small corner finials. The well-moulded front and rear glazed doors with side edge moulding terminating in 'lamb's ears'. The sides having full length arched top glass panels and the plinth having four short block feet. Pictures 5 & 6 show it next to a usual sized bracket clock.

* These repeating clocks with a strike/silent feature were usually taken to the bedchamber at night and placed in silent mode using the selector hand in the arch. The clock would then not strike the hours and
awaken the owner but he could simply pull the repeat cord in the darkness and the clock would strike the last hour. It is for this reason that they were originally fitted with the more robust 'Verge' escapement and even though there is a 'holdfast' in which to place the pendulum during transit, it was rarely used as time would be lost so, the clock was grabbed by the handle and carried up to bed - still ticking! Once seen, these clocks really fire the imagination as to their history and usage, they were extremely expensive when made and could only be afforded by the wealthy. Owning an original and unconverted Georgian Verge escapement bracket clock is a privilege, they bring great pleasure and soon become one of your prized possessions also, they are finite and still reasonably priced for what they are. Typically, careful restoration and conservation to the value of at least £2,000.00 is included in the purchase price.

** The photographs to the right do not serve this special little clock justice, it is more attractive first hand and glows with richness. It has retained its patina and has clearly been appreciated throughout its life. A small striking mahogany table clock such as this example is rare, especially by such an eminent maker.

John (not always used) Stephen Rimbault was of Huguenot descent and worked at 7, Great Saint Andrew's Street, St. Giles, London. From 1744 to 1785. The portrait on the right is actually of him and was painted in 1764. There is an interesting story attached to it which can be read at the following link: . To be able to see a detailed likeness of the person who made this clock 257 years ago is bewildering.

Dimensions:                           Just 14" high (excluding handle) x 8 3/4" wide x 6 1/2" deep.

Circa:                                     1760 (The beginning of King George III's reign).

Condition:                               Excellent and original. Awaiting overhaul to movement.

Price:                                      £15,000.00.

Investment forecast:               4 (it is expected to increase in value by 40% over the next ten years).
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