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18th century hooded wall clock for sale. Rope driven with a brass dial and lacquered case. William Risbridger of Dorking.

An exceptionally pretty and small hooded wall timepiece.

Stock No:   14082

The eight day duration (dependent on height) posted timepiece 'Summer'(1) movement with original Anchor Recoil escapement and less than seconds beating pendulum. Still rope driven and having a brass cased lead weight.

Behind a 5 1/2" wide brass break-arch dial with silvered chapter ring and bowed, circular maker's disc to the arch. The maker's disc bearing "W(illia)m Risbridger (of) Dorking (Surrey) and the chapter ring having Roman numerals within the minute ring and outer, Arabic fives within the minute and extremity ring, an inner quarter hour ring and half hour 'Diamond' markings between the Romans. The arch having opposing 'Punch'(2) spandrels and the corners having 'Indian's head' spandrels. Also having a matted centre with the very rare feature of a false pendulum bob visible within an aperture immediately above the Roman VI. Also having early style blued steel hands.

Contained in a small and attractive pine case decorated throughout with black ground, chinoisserie lacquer. The hood having a flat moulded top above a step which in turn is above a break-arch moulding supported by integral door pillars with gilt capitals and rear quarter pillars and capitals. This terminates with a rounded base moulding and is carried on with a short section of shaped backboard and frontispiece with well shaped bracket sides. The majority of the decoration is floral and chain link design but the lower visible backboard has a detailed Chinese scene.

(1) During the 18th century, country clocks made during the summer months when daylight was better and for longer periods were usually of finer quality than those made during the darker and shorter days of the winter months. Wages had to be earned and without the provision of credit, overdrafts or local banking, production could not be eased off therefore it is understandable that work was sometimes rushed to make best use of the available daylight!

(2) 'Punch' style spandrels are literally that - they feature a profile of Punch's face.

* This is a little darling of a clock that sits beautifully quite high on a blank wall. It has a very pleasing tick and really is quite charming. Small hooded wall clocks with an arched brass dial and two hands are extremely rare (probably because the cases were usually made of pine and simply did not last very long). The maker belonged to a clockmaking business that spanned four generations - the last three being called 'William'! It is extremely difficult to accurately date country hooded wall clocks because being more affordable than their larger 'Longcase' cousins certain fashion criteria was not adhered to as strictly, many features contradict each other however, though this example was definitely made during the first half of the 18th century, I believe it to be made by William Risbridger the second. He was born in 1687 and succeeded his father in 1718. He married Elizabeth Fenn at Dorking on 6th June 1712 and died in 1744.

Dimensions:                               21 3/4" high x 11 3/4" wide x 7 1/2" deep.

Circa:                                        1730.

Condition:                                  Excellent.

Price:                                         £3,950.00.

Investment forecast:                  5  (please refer to our 'Buying for Investment' page for explanation).

Small hooded wall clock by William Risbridger of Dorking.
  • Small hooded wall clock by William Risbridger of Dorking.
  • Small hooded wall clock by William Risbridger of Dorking.
  • Small hooded wall clock by William Risbridger of Dorking.
  • Small hooded wall clock by William Risbridger of Dorking.
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