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Tavern clock by Walter Rowland of Berwick. Octagonal dial with a 'Bombe' base. Circa early 19th century.

An extremely rare ebonised pine Tavern timepiece.

Stock No:   14257

The seven day duration, four wheel, weight driven movement with cut away plates, shaped pillars, Anchor Recoil escapement, Royal pendulum and three pulley, four-fall line for duration.

Behind a 15 1/4" diameter (13" visible), painted wooden octagonal dial with an aged smokey yellow background, black Roman hour numerals, minute dots and Arabic outer five minute numerals within two fine circles also, the centre bearing the maker's name "ROWLAND (of) BERWICK (-upon-Tweed) across the centre line. The waisted black hands having 'Heart' ends with the minute hand counter-poised and weighted.

Contained in an ebonised pine (Deal) case with an elaborate 'Bombe' base. The dial is framed with a conforming glazed, hinged and moulded bezel and the trunk has a full length but short door. There is a protruding shelf moulding below the dial and the upper trunk retains its two interior 'Bracing bars' which are intended to prevent the three pulley wheels from contacting.

* This is a rare clock in fine and original condition. The elaborately moulded base indicates that it was intended to be high on a wall and probably made for the main kitchen in a large country house. It is interesting to note that it was not intended to be set-up or operated by the household because access to the movement is not possible without firstly removing the hands and dial however, winding is a simple matter. Octagonal dials on Tavern clocks are the rarest and the appearance of this example is sheer charm and character, it has aged perfectly. It has probably only survived because it was placed out of reach for most of its life.

** The Rowland family appear to have consisted of at least four clockmakers in Berwick-upon-Tweed however, an almost identical but slightly later clock to this was offered for public auction in recent years and its dial bears the name "WALTER ROWLAND". He is listed as working circa 1790 to 1820.

*** Berwick-upon-Tweed is a very interesting town and passed from Scotland to England no less than 13 times until 1482, it then remained English until this day.

Dimensions:                                          53 1/2" high x 17 1/4" wide at the base x 9" deep.

Circa:                                                    1810.

Condition:                                              Excellent and original.

Price:                                                     £5,350.00.

Investment forecast:                              7 (it is expected to rise in value by 70% over the next decade).

Rare Tavern clock by Walter Rowland.
  • Rare Tavern clock by Walter Rowland.
  • Rare Tavern clock by Walter Rowland.
  • Rare Tavern clock by Walter Rowland.
  • Rare Tavern clock by Walter Rowland.
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