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Hand finishing a casting prior to gilding.

Clock Restoration

This is our main business and we pride ourselves in offering the highest possible quality of clock restoration service in a friendly and efficient manner. We have only our reputation of excellence to thank for our longstanding and, more importantly, happy, large client base.

Our work is fully guaranteed, and whilst it is on the premises you can be assured that your clock is secure...

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Careful dismantling.

Antique and vintage Barometer Restoration and repair.

As the area's only Barometer Specialists we offer a complete repair and restoration service for all mechanical (Aneroid) and mercurial barometers in our separate designated workshop.

We offer a complete Barometer and Barograph repair and restoration service including pressure testing and calibrating...

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Making a missing case component

Gilding & Horological Metalwork

Gilding & Horological Metalwork from M.C. Taylor is renowned for its craftsmanship. We offer a highly skilled range of traditional services covering every aspect of horological metal work.

Gilding is carried out to most types of metal using pure gold to give the most authentic and aesthetically accurate finish...

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Lacquered longcase clock before and after restoration.

Case Restoration

Case restoration and Cabinet Making from M. C. Taylor is renowned throughout the UK for its sympathetic and accurate restoration and replication.

Sympathetic case restorations of the highest standards is our speciality. We go to exceptional lengths to ensure that a clock case never actually looks as if its just been restored...

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Dial painting

Dial Restoration

We restore and repair brass, painted and glass dials traditionally, sympathetically and we can usually give an estimate of cost from clear photographs.

Dial work from M. C. Taylor is renowned for its bespoke and traditional restoration and replication.

We offer a complete restoration service for brass, painted, porcelain and enamel dials...

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We buy clocks in any condition.

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Have you a mechanical clock to sell?

We offer a comprehensive buying service that benefits you because you receive immediate payment and do not have to pay expensive auction fees.

As a guarantee of our transparency we welcome you to seek an auction house estimate for your item and we will then try to either match it or in some cases, better it...

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Valuation service.


If you have a clock, timepiece or barometer that you wish to know more about, whether you wish to verify the age, authenticity, rarity or value, or if you would like to discover what is known of the maker, this is a CHARGEABLE service we offer...

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Conservation of important dial.


Not only do we repair and restore clocks and barometers but when required, we also carry out Conservation work and advise on Horological Conservation.

Simply put, conservation is preservation, keeping the item in it's present condition, ensuring that further damage, wear or degrading doesn't occur. In the case of clocks, unlike other art, it is still usually required for the item to function mechanically...

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Wheel & Pinion Cutting

We cut our own wheels for Clocks that we fully restore.

Wheels and pinions are carefully cut to match the period of the clock, the material and the style of existing wheels. Please note that we do not supply wheels or pinions as a separate item and that these are only made for clients' Clocks that we restore ourselves...

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