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Antique and vintage Barometer Restoration and repair.

As the area's only Barometer Specialists we offer a complete repair and restoration service for all mechanical (Aneroid) and mercurial barometers in our separate designated workshop.

We offer a complete Barometer and Barograph repair and restoration service including pressure testing and calibrating.

We cover all aspects of repair and restoration of mercury stick and wheel barometers, including replacement of mercury siphon tubes and mercury. We also carry out all work to aneroid barometers including bevelling and fitting new bezel glass and replace or reseal ruptured capsules etc.

Some of the photographs on the right show a typical Aneroid movement before and after restoration. It was completely dismantled, cleaned of corrosion and dirt, pivots polished in the lathe the ruptured capsule repaired and then assembled, lubricated and calibrated.

We replace broken glasses and refit the centre hand, repair and restore brass and wooden cases, re-wax, re-silver and repaint dials and scales, refill storm tubes and fit wild oat beards to hygrometers in fact, we can do almost anything - a barometer is rarely unrestorable and, as also being Clockmakers, we can overhaul and repair the clock movements to barographs.

Restoring a barometer can greatly enhance its value because of the lack of craftsmen that can carry out the work. It also improves its appearance and many barometers are beautiful objects also, because we are a nation of 'Weather Watchers' barometers give us an instant and simple indication of what the imminent weather is likely to be.

If you have a Barometer or Barograph that is need of repair, restoration or Valuing for insurance or probate then please contact us for a no-obligation estimate. If you have a spillage or are concerned about transportation then please ask us for advice.

Careful dismantling.
  • Careful dismantling.
  • Easy does it!
  • Assessing.
  • Barometer Restoration.
  • Restored Aneroid Movement.
  • Unrestored Aneroid Movement
  • Aneroid Barometer Movement
  • Aneroid movement closeup.
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