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Dial Restoration

We restore and repair brass, painted and glass dials traditionally, sympathetically and we can usually give an estimate of cost from clear photographs.

Dial work from M. C. Taylor is renowned for its bespoke and traditional restoration and replication.

We offer a complete restoration service for brass, painted, porcelain and enamel dials. Our work is of the highest standard and examples of our restored work can be found in several important collections.

Clock dial restoration has been a specialty of ours since 1989. At our workshops in Bournemouth we use traditional techniques to achieve the highest quality painted, brass and engraved dial restoration.

Before we commence any work on a Clock or Barometer Dial, each dial is carefully cleaned and examined in different light sources to capture and record the maximum amount of detail.

The dial is then meticulously worked back up to a crisp finish, using original materials where appropriate, adding nothing more than is necessary.

Painted dial restoration is carried out with processes from simple cleaning and reapplying black numerals to reapplying metallic paint to Victorian Scottish dials that has to be mixed by us to our own recipe immediately prior to application.

Brass dial restoration includes the refilling of engraving with traditional hard wax and shallow engraving can also be deepened. Silvering and lacquering is also carried out on an almost daily basis here at the Clockshop and we have perfected the method of re-silvering without 'gramophone record' lines which nobody else seems to be able to do (this is an unsightly circular grain around the surface of chapter rings caused by using abrasives to either clean or remove over spill from waxing). Our chapter ring silvering gives a 'sugary' white surface without a grain, this does not give the appearance of steel which spoils the look especially on early or important clocks.

If you have a Clock, Timepiece or Barometer that is need of Dial Restoration or Valuing for insurance or probate then please contact us today for a free no obligation estimate.

Repainted globes

Dial painting
  • Dial painting
  • Dial painting
  • Dial painting
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  • Broken reverse-painted glass dial.
  • New reverse-painted glass dial.
  • Dial before restoration
  • Dial after restoration
  • Closeup of dial before restoration
  • Closeup of dial after restoration
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  • After restoration
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