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Have you a mechanical clock to sell?

We offer a comprehensive buying service that benefits you because you receive immediate payment and do not have to pay expensive auction fees.

As a guarantee of our transparency we welcome you to seek an auction house estimate for your item and we will then try to either match it or in some cases, better it. We can also do this by visiting your home if it is more convenient than you calling into our premises. Not only is payment from us quick but you will save up to almost 30% on auction house fees and we offer firm prices rather than estimates that may have to be reduced to eventually sell your items. Our representative also covers most areas so don't worry if you are not local to Bournemouth.

We are primarily always seeking good examples of 17th and 18th century clocks whether working or not. We will however, consider any mechanical clock, parts or tools - whatever the condition.

Feel free to contact us with your details by either phone or email and we will get back to you. A home visit by our experienced purchaser is a free, no-obligation service and all business will be conducted at your pace. Why give auction houses nearly a third of the money for your item?

We buy clocks in any condition.
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