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English fusee mantel clock by Frodsham and Son, Gracechurch Street, London. Circa 1835.

A small, attractive timepiece in original condition.

Stock No:   14279

The eight day duration, single train, chain fusee movement with 'Half Dead-beat' escapement and shaped plates conforming to the case. Being a typical high quality Frodsham movement with a double support to the back cock for the pendulum suspension T-bar. Also, pendulum transit lock and the backplate being stamped "FRODSHAM, GRACECHURCH STREET, LONDON".

Behind a 3 3/4" diameter, matt gilded brass dial. Having a grained chapter area with black Roman numerals and minute marks with the upper portion bearing the maker's name "FRODSHAM & SON, GRACECHURCH ST. LONDON" and the centre area being filled with the finest quality, English scroll-work, hand engraving. Also, matching 'Open moon' steel hands and a locking, hinged bezel with bow glass and brass beveled sight ring.

Contained in a small ebonised Rococo style case with cast brass mounts to the top and upper corners, scrolled feet with caryatids to the lower corners and a brass framed inset panel to the front.

* John Frodsham was part of the great Frodsham clockmaking dynasty. He moved to 33, Gracechurch Street in circa 1825. He was joined there by his son, Henry in 1834.

Dimensions:                                     9 3/4" high x 7 3/4" wide x 5" deep.

Condition:                                         Very good and original.

Circa:                                                1835.

Price:                                                £2,750.00 when overhauled and guaranteed.

English fusee mantel clock by Frodsham and Son, Gracechurch Street, London. Circa 1835.
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