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Early French Portico clock

Fine French ormolu portico mantel clock

Stock No:  14038

Good example of a striking portico clock by Michelez of Paris (recorded as a student of the celebrated French watchmaker: Brequet and working 1811 to 1825).
The bowed white enamel 3.5 inch dial bearing the maker's name and stating that he was a student of Breguet. Having a finely cast deep bezel with acanthus leaf decoration. With an 8 day hand-made circular movement with anchor recoil escapement and countwheel striking on a tuned bell.
The well proportioned ormolu case with original gilding, finely cast mounts and true gridiron compensated pendulum with plain bob.

Height       : 18 inches.

Condition  :  Excellent.

Crica         : 1820

Price         :  £3,250.00.

French Portico
  • French Portico
  • Portico dial and surround
  • Dial closeup
  • Portico angled view
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