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Miniature Vienna wall timepiece of one week duration in a walnut case.

A little gem of a wall clock.

Stock No:   14352

The good quality one week duration movement with Dead-beat escapement and fitting onto a mounting plate via keyhole method. Having a gridiron pendulum with brass-faced bob and front enamel advance/retard plate. There is also an enamel beat plaque fitted to the case backboard.

Behind a merely 2 1/2" diameter, enamel two-piece dial with brass bezel and separating ring. The chapter having black Roman hour numerals and an outer minute track. Also having steel spade style hands.

In a walnut veneered case of typical style and a glazed, full opening front door with ebonised pillars and decorative mouldings. The sides are also glazed and the top cresting has shaped edge mouldings and carries three turned and ebonised finials and an ornamental front ring. The main trunk is supported on a bracketed base with ornamental and ebonised supports which also has an ebonised finial.

The general appearance of this little clock is extremely pretty and it has survived well considering that it is 140 years old!

Dimensions:                  17 1'2" high including the finials x 6 1/2" wide x 4" deep.

Circa:                              1880.

Condition:                      Excellent.

Price:                              £800.00 in present working condition.
                                        Please note: Any further restoration that you may require to this item will be
                                        subject to a further cost and a waiting time. Please contact us to enquire.

Miniature Vienna timepiece.
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