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Aneroid Barometers & Barographs.

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5 glass oak barograph for sale with chart draw.

5-glass oak cased barograph with double chart drawer and eight tiered stack for sale. In fine condition and of good colour. C.1916

A beautiful and original barograph. Stock No:   14073 The eight day duration clock movement with original platform escapement. Contained within a brass drum with lid and hinged chart retaining clip. The eight tiered aneroid capsule stack operating the inked nib arm and having a 'Pen set' adjusting knob and arm 'off-chart' lever...

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Oak Barograph

Victorian Barograph

A good late 19th century oak Barograph. Stock No:   14050 A better than usual oak cased Barograph. The eight day clock movement has its original French Cylinder platform escapement and the barometer movement has an eight tiered Aneroid capsule...

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