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Authentication Record

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Authenticity label

permanent register of authentic clocks restored and/or sold by M C Taylor

This is our unique register of genuine, original and AUTHENTIC clocks sold or in some cases, restored by us.

Every good clock sold by us will bear an engraved, numbered label and will be registered permanently on our website for future reference. No personal or financial details will be displayed...

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Early English Chamber or Lantern clock by William Selwood.

001 early english chamber clock by william selwood at the mermaid, Louthborough, london. c1635

A historically and Horologically important clock Circa 1635.

The striking movement that originally had a balance wheel was converted to a short verge escapement about 1660.

With the exception of the top finial, escapement, side doors, rope and weights it is probably all original...

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Small chain fusee rosewood Library clock by Delasalle and Christie of London. Circa 1835.

013 A small and good, Gentleman's Rosewood Library timepiece.

A small and good, Gentleman's Library timepiece.

The eight day duration, chain fusee movement, with four shaped-ended, turned pillars and Anchor Recoil escapement. Also having micrometer regulation to the heavy, lenticular pendulum bob.

Behind a 3 1/2" diameter, silvered and engraved arched brass dial with Roman numerals within a minute ring, 5 minute triangular markings and outer, Arabic 5's within another ring...

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A very fine engraved carriage clock.

008 A very fine, engraved Gorge style, bell striking and repeating carriage clock with alarum by Henry Lepaute. circa 1870.

A stunning and original French, striking and alarum carriage clock.

The eight day duration, striking and repeating movement with it's original 'Club toothed, side lever' silvered, jewelled, platform escapement. 'Flirt release' strike, sounding the hours and halfs on a bell and also at will with a repeat button. The backplate and other parts being numbered 3490 and 10103, the frontplate discretely marked 'H.L...

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036 Early English first period marquetry longcase clock.

036 A Rare And Fine Early English, First Period Marquetry Longcase Clock. By Richard Fennell of London. C.1685

A good and small Marquetry Longcase clock.

The eight day duration, five finned pillar movement with high plates, Anchor Recoil escapement and external countwheel hourly striking on a horizontally mounted bell. Behind a 10 inch square brass dial with silvered chapter ring, subsidiary seconds ring and date ring. The chapter having Roman numerals, outer Arabic fives, inner quarter divisions and fine half hour Fleur-de-Lys markings...

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Small ropetwist drum fusee wall clock.

040 Small fusee English dial wall clock. In an unusual 'Ropetwist carved surround mahogany drum case. C. 1865.

A heavy, very attractive and unusually small high quality wall clock.

The high quality eight day duration, chain fusee movement with Anchor Recoil escapement.

Behind a 10" diameter painted iron dial with black Roman numerals, outer minute ring and bearing the maker's signature: "W. J. WALKER (of) WOOLWICH" above and below the centre...

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