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Not only do we repair and restore clocks and barometers but when required, we also carry out Conservation work and advise on Horological Conservation.

Simply put, conservation is preservation, keeping the item in it's present condition, ensuring that further damage, wear or degrading doesn't occur. In the case of clocks, unlike other art, it is still usually required for the item to function mechanically. With this in mind, usually only wear and corrosion are removed from the contacting surfaces. The remaining surfaces are usually cleaned of all chemicals, dust, grease and other foreign matter that may have a detrimental effect and then left in a stable condition, sometimes coated for protection. Also, any new parts that are made are either marked or noted and the original, whatever the condition, is kept and logged. A detailed record of all work and maintenance is kept as reference.

We are fully conversant with the guidelines and codes of ethics laid down by bodies such as The British Horological Institute and The Council For The Care of Church Clocks etc. and these are followed as closely as possible. We understand the importance of maintaining original looks and appearance gained through age also, the value sometimes attached to rarity and originality.

At  M. C. Taylor we specialise in making replacement parts not only to the original specifications but also whenever possible, from antique or original stock. This not only gives the correct appearance but ensures that the parts behave with each other in the correct way e.g. a part made from a modern material may be much harder than the original and therefore wear the clock unnecessarily.

We have carried out work for the National Trust, the Ministry of Defence, Churches and many important collections. We are confident that we can always meet any specialised needs of our clients.

If you would like to discuss Conservation with us then please get in touch as we are more than happy talk about the options available.

Conservation of important dial.

Conservation of important dial.
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